by Vera Nederlof


About Jab!

Jab! by Vera Nederlof® is a –boxing couture– label inspired by the boxing sport. Clothes and accessoires combined with or made of boxing related items and signatured with prints of boxing art. It’s not streetwear òr sportswear, it’s not casual òr chic, it’s hybrid!



Combining two different worlds creates a refreshing new world. A world you can connect with and in which you can have your own strong identity at the same time. Boxing, art and clothes combine into a wearable piece of art which shows your personality and what you stand for. Backgrounds and cultures find each other. By wearing Jab! by Vera Nederlof® you bridge different worlds.



Your gilet, pantalon, colbert, short, shirt, coat, dress can be integrated with specific boxing related items like bandages, satin like in boxershorts or as a boxing kimono, embroidery, a punching bag, speedball or skipping rope. Signatured with boxing art by Vera Nederlof. Your clothing will be a unique artwork!



Also available in accessories like bags, scarves, towels, and dog jackets. Of course we can also have a look at your specific dream to create your personal and unique item.


Fashion Show 25th and 26th of June 2022

During the Dutch Boxing Championship on the 25th and 26th of June 2022 in Rotterdam Ahoy the first Jab! by Vera Nederlof® collection has been shown in the boxing arena! Look here: https://www.boksen.nl/nieuws/


How Jab! works

You want to JAB!? Go to your closet or secondhand store and find the piece you like to get Jabbed!, or make your choice on this site.





About Vera Nederlof

Vera Nederlof decided to start boxing after a long period of classical ballet dancing. “Boxing is like dancing but with more improvisation. It’s like a pas de deux, but instead of dancing with someone, you dance ‘against’ your opponent. Boxing gives me freedom, it gives me strength, it gives me self-confidence and fun. I see it like playing chess with my body, it gives me people knowledge and it’s a way to express myself with my boxing artworks”.

Vera Nederlof likes to combine the two worlds of boxing and art in very different ways. “For example, I like to show my artworks as a performance exhibition; as a ring card girl in the boxing ring showing my artwork during a boxing match. Recently I worked on a mural of a rope skipping boxer. I always keep exploring what I can do more with my drawings and always try to cross boundaries. JAB! By Vera Nederlof Boxing Couture® is my newest concept.”

See more about Vera Nederlof: www.veranederlof.nl Instagram https://www.instagram.com/veranederlof/


Mail: info@jabbyveranederlof.nl Phone: 0031 626408224 Postal address: 3016 AA, 6, ROTTERDAM, NL


Photography: Ruud Baan